Dear Beloved Family

Art reproduced by Esther Ross aka Esther Harrison, a water color from an illustration in an art book. It's not perfect, but I love to paint

Dear Family,

I think of you often because I love you very much. You are welcome to contact me at any time.

I don't know if you remember — it was 2000 when we last spoke — but I love to paint with watercolors. The above painting was one I did in 1997 after bringing some artbooks home from the library. Here are more examples of what I have done.

Esther Harrison's version of Monet's Bridge at Giverney New growth from old Lovely lilacs that we grew in Lethbridge Mountain of Magesty by Esther Harrison/Esther Ross
My rendition of Monet's Bridge at Giverney
New Growth from Old
Lovely Lilacs in Lethbridge
Mountain of Majesty

I also love to write. I have been journalling since we lived in Lethbridge. I find it therapeutic, as it helps me sort out my feelings and often assists me in problem-solving. My therapist suggested journalling by explaining that when a person writes, they use another part of the brain that gets us out of the head and into the heart. I love living in my heart. I figure it's more natural than living by man-made rules. It's closer to nature. It seems to me that human ideals have the power to supplant the heart and derail our humanity. That's what happened to me when I was forced to shun my beloved mother in 1985. It almost destroyed me.

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